LED lamps have become very popular today.

Their benefits are obvious - energy efficiency and durability with service life of up to 20 years, according to the manufacturer.

What should you look for when choosing a LED lamp?


Luminous flux

This parameter characterizes the brightness of the lamp. It is necessary to know when choosing LEDs for replacing incandescent lamps. Here is a table with the help of which you can switch to LEDs.


Luminous flux, lm
Incandescent lamp power, W Fluorescent lamp power, W LED lamp power, W
50 20 4 1
100-200 35 6 2
400 50 10 4
600 65 14 7
1200 100 15
1800 150 25


Color temperature

To determine the color of the light the concept of color temperature is used. It is measured in kelvins. The lower the number, the warmer (yellower) the light. So, a typical incandescent lamp is somewhere between 2,700 and 3,500K.

The yellowish is more pleasing to the eye. It is optimal for use in the evening. That is why it is recommended for living spaces. The bluish improves attention, reaction rate and mood during daylight, but in the darkness it has a negative effects on the human body.

Extra options

Angle of divergence

Lamps with the divergence angle of about 90 degrees are good for general lighting, and lamps with the divergence angle of 20-30 degrees are more appropriate for the spotlights.

Service life

When choosing a lamp, of course, take into account that LEDs have an impressive lifespan. But, eventually, they will burn out.