Spunbond - a special non-woven fabric, which is used to protect agricultural land from various natural factors (cold, sun, hail, wind, birds, insects and ID).

It is widely used both in the individual and in large farms.


Many people believe that buying spunbond - this extra spending, and compared it with a polyethylene film. In our opinion, the comparison is not entirely appropriate, since agrovoloknom unique properties the material, giving a much wider range of activities than the film.


Let's face it.


To get a good crop you need to create a comfortable microclimate plants and protect against weeds, birds, insects and weather events such as hail, wind, frost. Agrovoloknom good at these tasks, it is difficult to say about the film.

  • Spunbond, unlike the film, well lets moisture - rain moisten the earth through the fiber, and can be watered through the material.
  • Spunbond breathable, allowing the plants to breathe and to develop more actively.
  • Spunbond protected from direct sunlight and high temperature. For this material undergoes special treatment.
  • Spunbond used throughout the year (as protecting plants from frost and freezing, and protection from weeds and sun), its use increases the growing season of plants.
  • It protects against weeds, and makes it possible to grow plants without pesticides and herbicides.

To buy spunbond which best suits your needs, consider what its varieties on the market.

Spunbond mulching.
It is used to cover the soil. It is white and breathable and water that provides a healthy microflora in the ground. However, it does not give access to sunlight for growth of weeds, keeps moisture on the soil ensures clean fruit stunted plants such as strawberries, by isolating the soil.
Black mulching spunbond you can also buy and to protect the roots of plants in the winter, as well as for heating the soil early in the spring (black layer is rapidly heated at first spring sun warms the soil).
To protect plants from pests and hypothermia in the winter the company "Agrin" offers shelter from the winter spunbond: bint garden and winter shelter for ornamental plants (cone-shaped covers from spunbond density of 50 g / sq. M.)


Covering spunbond.
White spunbond is used for sheltering plants. It may be of varying density from 17 to 50 g / sq. m. The denser the material the greater the degree of protection it provides your asthenia. For example, agrovoloknom TM "Agrin" density of 17 g. / Sq. m protects plants from low temperatures to -2 0 C, and a density of 50 g. / sq. - already to -7 0C.
More dense white (Covering) spunbond also used for device Greenhouses (on the arcs).


Buy spunbond can in rolls of 0.64 to 15.8 m and a length of 50 m, or in packages of varying width and length of 10 m.



LED lamps have become very popular today.

Their benefits are obvious - energy efficiency and durability with service life of up to 20 years, according to the manufacturer.

What should you look for when choosing a LED lamp?


Luminous flux

This parameter characterizes the brightness of the lamp. It is necessary to know when choosing LEDs for replacing incandescent lamps. Here is a table with the help of which you can switch to LEDs.


Luminous flux, lm
Incandescent lamp power, W Fluorescent lamp power, W LED lamp power, W
50 20 4 1
100-200 35 6 2
400 50 10 4
600 65 14 7
1200 100 15
1800 150 25


Color temperature

To determine the color of the light the concept of color temperature is used. It is measured in kelvins. The lower the number, the warmer (yellower) the light. So, a typical incandescent lamp is somewhere between 2,700 and 3,500K.

The yellowish is more pleasing to the eye. It is optimal for use in the evening. That is why it is recommended for living spaces. The bluish improves attention, reaction rate and mood during daylight, but in the darkness it has a negative effects on the human body.

Extra options

Angle of divergence

Lamps with the divergence angle of about 90 degrees are good for general lighting, and lamps with the divergence angle of 20-30 degrees are more appropriate for the spotlights.

Service life

When choosing a lamp, of course, take into account that LEDs have an impressive lifespan. But, eventually, they will burn out.



Boilers "Promin" (Ukraine) are the best price/quality ratio on the market today.

Benefits of TM "Promin" boilers:

  • High energy efficiency up to 80%
  • Cast iron fire bars
  • Large fuel loading chamber
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Favorable price

To order items contact the regional manager or make an order in the electronic catalog.